(KS) Pittsburg Idol 2013

Mark your calendar to be at the Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, September 14, 2013. You won't want to miss the 11th Annual Pittsburg Idol Contest with hosts Mike Lewark and Bob Burk and some of Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma's best performers. This competition is open for anyone ages 4-18. All contestants will receive a free t-shirt and a gift. The top three winners in each age category will receive a top winner award, courtesy of Community National Bank.

Live auditions will be held Saturday, August 24th at Lincoln Center for anyone interested in participating. Registration will be held from 9:00-10:00am. Live auditions will be performed in the order the participant registered in. This will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us at (620) 231-8310 for more information.

Location: Pittsburg, KS

Ages: 4 to 18 years old

Entry Deadline: August 24, 2013

For More Information: http://www.pittks.org/documentcenter/view/918

(ME) Blue Hill Fair Idol 2013

Location: Blue Hill, ME

Ages: 16 years and older

  • Winner-$500
  • Runner Up-$250
  • 2nd Runner Up-$100
Entry Deadline: August 29, 2013

Entry Form: http://www.bluehillfair.com/PDF/2013BlueHillFairIdolEntry.pdf

For More Information: http://www.bluehillfair.com/fair_idol.html

(TX) Fort Bend County Fair Talent Contest 2013

Location: Rosenberg, TX

Ages Divisions:
  • Elementary- 4 to 6 years old
  • Junior-7 to10 years old
  • Intermediate-11 to14 years old
  • Senior-15 to18 years old
  • Adult-19 years and older
Prizes: Cash prizes from $50 to $1000 depending on age division

Entry Fee: $20-$50 depending on age

Entry Form Deadline: September 6, 2013

Rules and Entry Form: http://i.saffireevent.com/files.ashx?t=fg&f=2013_Talent_Contest_Rules.pdf&rid=FortBend

For More Information: http://fortbendcountyfair.com/events_detail.aspx?id=88

(NY) Findlay Lake "Kids Got Talent" Jr Idol 2013

Location: Findlay Lake, NY

  • Jr. Idol-5 to 15 years
  • 1st Place-$200
  • 2nd Place-$100
  • 3rd Place-$50

Entry Deadline: August 30, 2013

Rules and Entry Form for Jr Idol: http://www.findleylakeinfo.org/KGT2013.html

For More Information: http://www.findleylakeinfo.org/

(OK) McCurtain County Fair Talent Show 2013

Location: Idabel, OK

Ages (must be residents of McCurtain County):
  • Primary-Pre School to 4th
  • Junior-5th to 8th
  • Senior-9th to Adult
  • (Individual) 1st Place-$10 plus trophy
  • 2nd Place-$5 plus trophy
  • 3rd Place-trophy only
  • (Group) 1st Place-$20 plus trophy
  • 2nd Place-$10 plus trophy
  • 3rd Place-trophy only
Entry Deadline: Does not say. Competition is on September 7, 2013

For More Information: http://mccurtaincofreefair.com/TalentShow.html

(TN) West Tennessee State Fair Talent Contests 2013

Location: Jackson, TN

  • Tiny Tots-3 to 8 years old
  • Junior-9 to 12 years
  • Youth-13 to 21 years old
Prizes (each division):
  • 1st Place-$50 and trophy
  • 2nd Place-$25 and trophy
  • 3rd Place-$15 and trophy
Entry Fee: $30

Entry: Deadline: September 13, 2013
Rules and Information: http://www.wtsfair.com/d/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=88&Itemid=117

Entry Form: http://www.wtsfair.com/d/forms/2013YouthTalent.pdf

(MS) Jackson County Fair Youth Idol Talent Hunt 2013

Location: Pascagoula, MS

Ages: 5 to 18 years old

  • 1st Place-$25
  • 2nd Place-$20
  • 3rd Place-$15
  • Honorable Mention-$10
Entry Deadline: Does not say, but performance is October 27, 2012

Entry form and Information (page 19 of fair book): http://www.co.jackson.ms.us/img/fair/2013fairbook.pdf

For More Information: http://www.co.jackson.ms.us/departments/fair.php

(FL) Broward County Fair Student Talent Competition 2013

Location: Hollywood, FL

  • Junior-5 to 12 years
  • Senior-13 to 18 years
  • 1st place-$100 check and trophy in each division
  • 2nd place-$50 check and trophy in each division
  • 3rd place-$25 check and trophy in each division
  • Participant ribbons for all
Entry Deadline: November 5, 2013 or until category is filled

Rules and Entry Form: http://www.browardfair.org/premiumbook/303_StudentTalent_2012_Final.pdf

For More Information: http://www.browardcountyfair.com/

(FL) Northeast Florida Fair 16th Annual Talent Show 2013

Location: Callahan, FL

  • Youth-14 years and younger
  • Adult-15 years and over
Prizes (for each age category):
  • 1st Place-$100
  • 2nd Place-$75
  • 3rd Place-$50
Entry Deadline: October 12, 2013

Entry Form (page 35 of the fairbook): http://www.neflfair.org/fairbook/2013_northeast_florida_fair_premium_book_full.pdf

 For More Information: http://www.neflfair.org/exhibitors-vendors

Deerfield Harvest Festival SingFest 2013

Location: Rosenhayn, NJ

  • 4-12 years old
  • 13-18 years old
  • 18 years and older
Prizes: $100 cash in each division

Entry Deadline: September 17, 2013

Rules: http://www.deerfieldtownship.org/harvestfestival/SingFest%20Guidelines%202013.pdf

Entry Form: http://www.deerfieldtownship.org/harvestfestival/harvest_festival_idol_contest_files/harvest_festival_idol_contest.htm#SingFest%20Application

For More Information: http://www.deerfieldtownship.org/harvestfestival/harvest_festival_idol_contest_files/harvest_festival_idol_contest.htm

(MD) Calvert County Fair 2013

Location: Bastow, MD

Ages: 14 to 29 years old

  • 1st Place-$1,000
  • 2nd Place-$500
  • 3rd Place-$300

Entry Deadline: September 16 2013

Rules and Entry Form: http://www.calvertcountyfair.com/c/373/

For More Information: http://www.calvertcountyfair.com/c/299/2007-calvert-county-fair

(KS) Cornstock's Got Talent 2013

Ages: All ages

Garnett, KS

  • 1st Place-$100 plus VIP seating at Concert on the Hill
  • 2nd Place-$50
  • 3rd Place-$25
Entry Deadline: September 20, 2013

Entry Fee: $15 by September 20, 2013, $20 from September 21 to 27th

Entry Form: https://accornfest.com/uploads/2013_CornstocksGotTalentEntryForm.pdf

For More Information: https://accornfest.com/Corn_Idol.html

(NJ) Deborah Idol 2013

Location: Pemberton, NJ

  • 10 to 16 years old
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • Grand Prize-$1,000 per division
  • 1st Runner Up- $300
  • 2nd Runner Up-$200
Entry Fee: $25

Auditions: August 21, 2013 in Mt Laurel, NJ.  September 8, 2013 in Toms River, NJ. Finals on October 13, 2013 in Pemberton, NJ

Rules and Entry Form: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=90&ved=0CHoQFjAJOFA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.deborahfoundation.org%2Fcs%2Fuploads%2FHome.Home%2FIDOL.pdf&ei=9Yu2UYSOOsXj0gHUkICYBw&usg=AFQjCNHIfXmzsDa9vLVtiXzcmSYZAy0FRw&sig2=Z203KU-erpWVpA7wSZORGg&cad=rja

For More Information: http://www.deborahfoundation.org/cs/index.php

(TN) Dyer County Fair Talent Shows 2013

Location: Dyersburg, TN

  • Children's Talent Contest-6 to 12 years old
  • Youth Talent Contest-13 to 21 years old
  • 1st Place-$25 Children's, $50 Youth
  • 2nd Place-$20 Children's, $35 Youth
  • 3rd Place-$15 Children's, $25 Youth
  • 4th Place-$10 Children's, $15 Youth
  • 5th Place-$5 Children's, $10 Youth
Application Deadline: September 4, 2013

Information for Youth Talent Contest: http://dyercofair.com/youth-talent-show

Information or Children's Talent Contest:  http://dyercofair.com/childrens-talent-show

For More Information: http://www.dyercofair.com/

(VA) Capital Country Challenge 2013

Location: Alexandria, VA

  • 9 to 15 years old
  •  16 to 22 years old
Prize: Grand prize $1,000

Entry Fee: $20

Entry Deadline: June 1 thru August 23, 2013

Rules: http://www.capitalcountrychallenge.com/official-rules.html

For More Information: http://www.capitalcountrychallenge.com/

(AR) Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair Talent Contest 2013

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Ages: 13-21 years
Entry Deadline: August 30, 2013

Entry Form: http://arkansasoklahomafair.com/uploads/pdfs/AROK%20Talent%20Entry%20Form%20for%20Website.pdf

Rules: http://arkansasoklahomafair.com/uploads/pdfs/AROK%20Youth%20Talent%20Show%20Rules.pdf

For More Information: http://arkansasoklahomafair.com/index.php?page=youth-talent